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20 Nov 2017
Heike Matthiesen
It is exactly 20 ago that I -played my first full length solo recital ( yes, 4 years after my diploma, never thought that this theater musician and chamber music maniac would really turn into a soloist…) -moved into my first own flat -recorded ...
2 Sep 2016
Heike Matthiesen
I used to give this piece to all my pupils in their first months of playing guitar… and they have no idea then that they learn something considered “difficult”! Tremolo is the base for a perfect right hand, you learn how to treat the fingers “dem...
30 Nov 2015
Heike Matthiesen
It is one of the myths that musicians always play music to which they have a deep connection, which inspires them, which transports a secret message… But sometimes a piece matches to a program which is on your “private blacklist”, music you don’t...
3 Sep 2015
Heike Matthiesen
The latest hype right now: Periscope! But how to use it as musician? You broadcast directly, no way to edit it. And without hacks not possible to be downloaded- screenshots possible. So it means this is a perfect tool for everything that should...
7 Apr 2015
Heike Matthiesen
A little diary, I just came home from studio: December 2015 : Decided to go to studio in April 2015. That is soooo far away, completely relaxed trying new pieces for the CD, changing the order of the program, practising all the stuff for my nor...

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Tárrega: Recuerdos de la Alhambra
Albéniz: Cantos de España, Op. 232 (Chants d'Espagne)
Dyens: Libra Sonatine
Dyens: Tango en Skai
Rodrigo: Junto al Generalife
Yradier: La Paloma
Mertz: Liebesbotschaft

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