2 Sep 2016
Heike Matthiesen
I used to give this piece to all my pupils in their months of playing guitar… and they have no idea then that they learn something considered “difficult”! Tremolo is the base for a perfect right hand, you learn how to treat the fingers “democrati...
30 Nov 2015
Heike Matthiesen
It is one of the myths that musicians always play music to which they have a deep connection, which inspires them, which transports a secret message… But sometimes a piece matches to a program which is on your “private blacklist”, music you don’t...
3 Sep 2015
Heike Matthiesen
The latest hype right now: Periscope! But how to use it as musician? You broadcast directly, no way to edit it. And without hacks not possible to be downloaded- screenshots possible. So it means this is a perfect tool for everything that should...
7 Apr 2015
Heike Matthiesen
A little diary, I just came home from studio: December 2015 : Decided to go to studio in April 2015. That is soooo far away, completely relaxed trying new pieces for the CD, changing the order of the program, practising all the stuff for my nor...
20 Apr 2014
Heike Matthiesen
Facebook is getting more and more a difficult place for musicians. We once believed that giving our content and our data was enough paying, but Facebook pages which many of us use as second ( or first) homepage are less and less visible without pa...
9 Jan 2014
Heike Matthiesen
1) Akustik Gitarre Acoustic Music GmbH Jahnstrasse 1a 49078 Osnabrück (Deutschland) 2) Gitarre Aktuell Schlüterstrasse 77/77a Postfach 131081 20110 Hamburg (Deutschland) 3) Seicorde Viale Lomb...
4 Nov 2013
Heike Matthiesen
Classical guitar charts of active and living soloist with more than 1000 fans (number of likes from the 4th 11, circa 15 pm) 1. Berta Rojas 54,780 like 2. Edoardo Catemario 34,709 likes 3. Ana Vidovic 34,o43 likes 4. David Russel l ...
17 Oct 2013
Heike Matthiesen
1.) Never bore the jury! 2.) Learn and practice at home to tune your guitar fast and precise In times of almost invisible clip-on-tuners there is no excuse to play on a desasterly tuned instrument 3.) Learn to adjust all your “tools” qu...
25 May 2013
Heike Matthiesen
[…] klassische Gitarristin Heike Matthiesen fragt als Einstieg: „Was wäre das Internet ohne die Musik?“ Eine gute Frage ist sicher aber […]
16 May 2013
Heike Matthiesen
[…] für die Verwaltung bieten. Das System ist auch relativ einfach zu bedienen. Ein Beispiel ist die Website von Heike Matthiesen.  Die WordPress Plattform bietet viele Funktionenen wie Facebook/Twitter Share Buttons, Kontakt […]
29 Apr 2013
Heike Matthiesen
It is a quite new phenomenon, collegues of mine closing their facebookprofiles… No matter if you like the blue giant, one thing is right now fact( april 2013) : Facebook is mainstream! Friends from school are there, all your family, maybe even y...
7 Mar 2013
Heike Matthiesen
A fictional calculation: If you want to survive let us say you need 42 gigs/concert a year ( not meaning feeding a family of four ) with average standard payment of small concert series and poor guitar festivals and not having the support of a ma...
5 Jan 2013
Heike Matthiesen
It is an old discussion but in times where everywhere concerts are videotaped more active than ever: Who in classical music has “permission” to go with score on stage? First some words about the brain levels on stage: 1.Rallyedriver-modus: You...
16 Dec 2012
Heike Matthiesen
One way to approach a new piece: Just write down the first words that come to your brain, here it were silence and taqsim , then write down your associations.. Here my first sketch to Carlo Domeniconi’s Koyunbaba:
20 Nov 2012
Heike Matthiesen
I always wanted to have calendar like that and could not find it nowhere…so here it is! Source is mostly Wikipedia plus some guitar dictionaries,please help me if there are errors or if I forgot a great guitar composer.. list will be updated!! ...
11 Oct 2012
Heike Matthiesen
There is something like a hidden routine, so now I will describe a normal concert day with no far travelling: 9.30 alarm, put that early because I want to practise! 9.31 alarm moved to 10.30, practising is overrated, I need sleep 10.30 oh my...
17 Sep 2012
Heike Matthiesen
Zuallererst ein paar Grundsatzfragen: Es ist ziemlich knifflig, während phantastischer Musik noch ans Schreiben zu denken selbst während einer Probe mit vielen Unterbrechungen – das geht wohl auch jedem Nichtmusikern so… Noch dazu kommt mein koll...
10 Aug 2012
Heike Matthiesen
I had my first guitar lesson with 18, one year later I started to study in Frankfurt. My first professional jobs started 2 years later in the opera house Frankfurt, playing all kind of plucked instruments in many operas ( Don Pasquale, Barbiere di...
26 Jul 2012
Heike Matthiesen
Heike Matthiesen: Es war mir gar nie bewusst, dass das was Besonderes war. | . Interview mit mir… die neue Seite stellt nicht nur Schweizer Musikerinnen vor!
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Tárrega: Recuerdos de la Alhambra
Albéniz: Cantos de España, Op. 232 (Chants d'Espagne)
Dyens: Libra Sonatine
Dyens: Tango en Skai
Rodrigo: Junto al Generalife
Yradier: La Paloma
Mertz: Liebesbotschaft

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